Belts – buying guide:

Whether you want to create a fashion statement or add that little extra to a plain outfit, a belt alone will help you with that. Here is our belts buying guide to make styling simple:

  • A WIDE belt is perfect for creating a dramatic but fashion-forward look by trimming your waist for that Monroe-esque silhouette.
  • SKINNY belts are ideal for adding to a sophisticated, smart and elegant look. You will achieve a slim and well-dressed look by simply wrapping it around your waist.

How to choose a belt based on your body shape?

  1. APPLE body shape (thick, wide or full torso) – choose belts in dark, solid colours such as black, brown or navy. The WIDER the belt is – this skinnier you will look, so go for a really WIDE belts to keep the extra weight tucked in.
  2. PEAR or HOURGLASS body shape (defined waist) – Consider yourself really lucky, because you should be able to get away with pretty much any belt type you like. If you want to emphasize your defined waist, look for belts in bright or light colours, with details, and wear them on the thinnest part of your waist.
  3. RECTANGLE or INVERTED TRIANGLE body shape (straight waist) – Try wearing a belt with dresses or loose tops by wrapping it snugly around your natural waist.

Hopefully our belts buying guide has simplified the shopping process for you. Go on and work your look!