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Let us introduce you to a fabric called Silk Georgette. Once you get to know this stunning, delicate material, you will love it just as much as we do!

Silk Georgette is a sheer, translucent, lightweight material that we use a lot here at Bubbles Bay. There are two types of georgette fabric; polyester georgette, which is a cheaper version, and silk georgette, made from silk, which is the luxurious material you will find in our kimonos and kaftans (we only want the best for our designs!)

The lovely silky fabric was discovered in France, where each individual yarn was intensively twisted to give a slightly springy, dull and grainy texture. This very distinctive material was named after a dressmaker in Paris: Georgette de la Plante. It quickly became popular in evening wear, with many dressmakers using it instead of chiffon. Despite the material’s differences, it was a wonderful alternative.

We think it is the very best fabric for our products, if for no other reason than the way it drapes – so beautifully and elegantly from the shoulders, moving effortlessly as you walk and making you feel glamourous and confident. Plenty of other fashion designers agree with us – it is a high-end product that you will see on many a catwalk.

Another great aspect of Silk Georgette is that it is highly absorbent, allowing us to dye it a multitude of different shades. With bright, bold designs like ours, this is an important feature! It also makes digital printing very easy – ideal for our abstract kimonos.

And yet, despite its thin, light texture, Silk Georgette is hard-wearing and strong, making the wearer feel invincible and resisting damage far better than any comparable materials. Having said that, care still needs to be taken to ensure it retains its high-quality properties, and so we suggest hand-washing our Silk Georgette garments only. You should use lukewarm water with a very mild detergent, and then leave it to air dry in the shade, to ensure our vibrant colours stay bright and bold. Keep away from washing machines, tumble dryers and bleach, and use as little force as necessary when washing – there is no need to rub, soak or wring. If you must iron – ensure it is kept at a low temperature.

Treat Silk Georgette with the love and respect it deserves, and it will retain its high-quality attributes for as long as you need it to. We believe that this is truly one of the most stunning materials and we hope you will love it as much as we do!


  • V-neck front & back
  • Made in Australia
  • Relaxed fit – one size fits most, up to AU size 30+:
    • Length: 90 cm
    • outer width 120 cm (seam to seam)
    • inner width 100 cm (stitch to stitch) or 200 cm circumference


  • To be worn open
  • Easy care
  • Collarless
  • Made in Australia
  • Relaxed fit – one size fits most, up to AU size 30+:
    • Length: 90 cm
    • Width:  240 cm (back 120 cm, front 60 cm each side)